MISO ELITE Team Tryouts (Nov 5th & 6th, 2022)


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Japan 2023

For The Future of the Game!

Purpose:    The purpose of the MISO Elite Program is to promote Hawaii soccer and its players beyond the Hawaii and US frontiers, by showcasing the players to some professional youth programs coaches & scouts. While doing this, also allowing the participating players an experience of a lifetime, as they’ll get to see firsthand how other countries embrace and integrate the sport into their cultures, as well as seeing firsthand how some of the professional teams train and run their facilities.

Age Groups:   For this edition (2023) we’re working on taking ’10 & ‘11 Boys and Girls teams to travel to Japan, since the ‘10s missed out on last summer’s trip. 2012 born players are welcome to participate as well

When & Where:    The tryouts will take place on Saturday November 5th, field 15, 9:00am (Boys) & 11:00am (Girls) and on Sunday November 6th, field 16, 9:00am (Girls) & 11:00am Boys, at Waipio Soccer Complex. Check-in will begin 30min prior.

What to Bring:  A water bottle, your soccer gear and a ball. Please do not wear any articles of clothing that promotes a specific local Team or Club. This is the MJL Elite Team tryout, players will be judged by their skills, not their affiliations.

Forms & Other Requirements:   Upon being informed that your son or daughter has made the MISO Elite Team, parents will be asked to submit the following items within two week: Full Legal Name of the Player’s Birth Certificate, USCS Waiver Form, Picture, Passport info, Parental/Guardian Approval for Minor to Travel and Medical Authorization (for kids traveling solo) list of any allergies or health issues the player may have and a $500 non-refundable deposit, which will be applied towards the trips total fees. In the event that we’re not allowed to travel because of unforeseen circumstances, such as was the case last year, we will work on refunding everyone 100% of the fees submitted, less any fees incurred by MISO such as credit card fees, etc.

Selection of Players:    The tryouts will be conducted by a handful of selected and qualified MJL coaches from various Clubs. Players will be evaluated and then the coached will meet to discuss the list of those selected as well as the alternates.

Cost of the Tryouts:     There will be a $40 fee for the tryouts, which includes both sessions as well as a shirt.

Costs of the Trip:   The projected cost for the trip is $1900 per traveler (this includes, players and relatives) plus airfare (please note that the trip’s fee may be adjusted due to changes that may have occurred during covid19). The fees will cover all the logistics such as hotels, ground transport, games, uniforms, gifts, staff, coaches’ fees, approximately 50% of the meals, some sightseeing and other necessary expenses. Parents are welcomed to join us on the trip, but not obliged to travel with the Teams. MISO Elite will make all the necessary arrangements for the teams and parents to travel together and stay at the same or nearby hotels, as well as arrange all the ground transportation and events/functions that the teams and parents will attend/participate.

Travel Dates and Destinations:   The projected 2022 Japan tour will be from July 13-28, and we will most likely fly into and from Osaka. This year’s tour will be of southern Japan. After arriving in Osaka we will head towards Okayama, Ehime and Kagoshima, where we will stay a few nights at each destination and play in a few exhibition matches as well as some tournaments.

Number of Games:   Our game minimum consists of 5 aged appropriate games. However it is most likely that the games count will be much higher than that (during the Japan trip we usually end up playing 12-17 games average during the 2 weeks stay).

Teams Rosters:   The U12 MISO Elite teams will consist of 12-16 players max per team, while the U13 will consist on 14-18

Registrations Deadline:     Registrations should be received by November 1st. Walk-ins will be accepted if space is still available.

For further information, please feel free to contact us at MISOelite@hotmail.com


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